Our Methodology

We follow a simple and proven methodology to deliver extraordinary development and immediate results. Through the core elements of assessmentchallenge, and support, we develop individuals to make them skillful and credible leaders, groups to make them cohesive and effective teams, and organizations to make them productive and thriving businesses.

Following this methodology throughout the life cycle of any project means that there are no misunderstandings before we get started, that we meet benchmarks and deliverables as promised, and allows you, our customer, to hold us accountable for the outcomes and effectiveness of our work.

Assessment represents our “map” of the current landscape and the “route” we agree to follow.  The purpose of any assessment, formal or informal, is to get objective, relevant and actionable information. This information tells you (or the team/organization) where you are now; what are your current strengths; what development needs are important given your current situation and future goals; and what is your current level of effectiveness within core areas and competencies.

Challenge represents the journey toward reaching your goals, and the distance you have to travel. It consists of elements of an experience or future state that are new and unfamiliar to you, and it may call for knowledge, skills or behavior not currently in place or available to you. Depending on the distance between current and future state, the journey will create imbalance for you (or the team/organization) and provide opportunity to question established ways of thinking and acting.

Support represents the guiding efforts that are present every step on the way. It consists of various elements of an experience that enhance self-confidence, clarifies goals and expectations, provides tools and perspectives to remove barriers, and provides reassurance, focus, and accountability.

These three elements – assessment, challenge and support – guide all of our programs and offerings. They are present and pervasive throughout The Leadership Challenge, The Leadership Journey, and The Leadership Experience, creating an intense development experience within a relatively short period of time.

Assessments include personality inventories, 360-degree leadership assessments, feedback from management simulations, and both formal and informal feedback from program staff and fellow participants. These assessments help you understand how you are seen by others and how your behaviors impact them. The assessments also act as a challenge in that they can provide new and surprising information for you to consider or accommodate. Additional challenges arise within the development environment from staff and fellow participants. Whether we train in a traditional classroom environment or as part of an expedition through the BWCA, the experiences will provide support in confirming existing skills, perspectives and beliefs, and in adding to your confidence by giving you the opportunity to practice and develop new skills.

After completing your development program, our goal is that you will be equipped to include our development elements in your work and continued development outside of the classroom. A good balance of assessment, challenge and support will enable you to use future development opportunities to continue to grow as a leader. To drive your development, you must assess your situation and your skills, seek challenges that are developmentally appropriate, and create the support for helping you meet those challenges.

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