Turning conflict into performance

Conflict. How does the word make you feel? Does it make you feel slightly uncomfortable? Does it make you think of certain unpleasant situations or people?

Now instead think of your favorite soap opera or drama series – what is it called, who are the main characters, and can you tell me what happened during the last episode?

Does thinking of the show make you feel the same way as the word “conflict”? No?

Nobody enjoys conflict, at least not when they are personally involved in it. Conflict drains your energy when you’d much rather focus on other more important things. Nevertheless, conflict is widely present in any workplace, every day.

“Work” is one of the few places where people literally have to coexist and get along on an ongoing basis, whether they want to or not. You can’t choose your coworkers. Modern society and technology has allowed us to limit the times and situations where we have to be codependent on people who are different from us in their backgrounds, beliefs, behavior and perspectives. We avoid people who are different and who irritate us, and seek those who we feel comfortable with and want to be with. Except at work, where we have to deal with coworkers, team members, supervisors, customers and vendors. So many of us are out of practice on how to deal with conflict in a positive way!

Conflict surrounds us everywhere we go. Getting the kids ready for school, your feeling of anger when a driver cuts in front of you on your way to work, or when you have to work late because someone else hasn’t finished their work as promised. So how do you deal with it? What ticks you off? How aware are you regarding your own behavior, how it affects the people around you?

I have worked with conflict for quite a few years. As an outsider, I am able to help people find solutions that allow them to move on and focus on their work. For example when I mediated a conflict between two coworkers who shared an office but who reported not having spoken to each other for the last three years. I was called in because their manager wanted to terminate them both, but he wanted to try to find a solution one last time. Can you imagine working in such an hostile environment every day for three years? It took a few minutes of me asking them questions and facilitating an exchange of information before we discovered that the conflict was based on a misunderstanding. One person was thought to have prevented the other from receiving a promotion. They were both embarrassed to find out this was not what really happened, but relieved to be able to move on.

It is gratifying to be allowed to work with conflict. Conflict provides fertile ground for making positive change. As an outsider, I am able to bring the authority needed to create a safe environment and bring people to the table, allow them to share information and listen to what the other has to say, and assist in the discovery of how each party has something to gain from moving on and finding ways to prevent similar situations from happening in the future.

Instead of having a situation where everyone loses in the end, I am able to turn it into a win-win.

Corporate Elements has the experience and expertise to resolve conflict situations within your organization, allowing precious time and resources to be devoted to the future and success of the company, its employees and stakeholders. It saves you time, money, and energy, making for a much more enjoyable time at work – for everyone.


  • Mediation
  • Coaching
  • Training
  • Group facilitation
  • Investigation
  • Organizational Assessment
  • Leadership development
  • Performance management
  • RIF/Career transition
  • Succession Management


  1. ASSESS the current situation, the impact it has on the organization, and the desired outcome.
  2. DEVELOP a proposal for further action and work with you to determine reasonable and specific outcome measures.
  3. IMPLEMENT the course of action that was agreed upon.
  4. SUCCEED in meeting or exceeding the outcome measures that were agreed upon.


The mission of Corporate Elements is to deliver quality products and services that optimize the performance, productivity and profitability of your organization. We guarantee that we will consistently meet or exceed your expectations and the outcomes we have developed together.

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