Vogel Business Solutions’ operations and services to be assumed by Corporate Elements, effective immediately

Vogel Law Firm will no longer be offering consulting services under its umbrella and has therefore decided to discontinue Vogel Business Solutions. Services previously offered through Vogel Business Solutions will, effective immediately, now be provided through Corporate Elements LLC. There will be no interruption in operations or services. Corporate Elements is and has been fully owned and operated by Ole Rygg since 2012.

Vogel Law Firm has graciously offered to let us continue to hold the Breakfast Buzz events at their Fargo location as before. There will be good coffee and great discussions as normal, guaranteed! You may continue to register for and attend future Breakfast Buzz events as you have before. If there in the future is a change in venue, you will be notified well in advance.

Over the next few days, VBS social media pages will be retired and/or merged with Corporate Elements pages. The VBS web page has been replaced with the Corporate Elements webpage (www.corporateelements.com). The LinkedIn group has been rebranded and is now “Corporate Elements: Leadership, Strategy and Organization Effectiveness.”

As the founder and president of Corporate Elements, I’m very excited to continue to serve you and your organization under the mission of Corporate Elements!

Have concerns, comments or perspectives (or if you would like to grab a cup of coffee)? Please contact me one of the following ways:

Office/Mobile: (218) 329-0836
Email: ole@corporateelements.com

Stay in touch!


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