Corporate Elements LLC opens new office in Fargo

Founded in 2012, Corporate Elements LLC is opening a new office location at 2605 42nd St S in Fargo, in the Preference Employment Solutions building. There will be a celebration and ribbon cutting by FMWF Chamber ambassadors at 9am, November 20, 2019. A light breakfast with bagels and coffee will be served.

Read the press release here.

Organizations in our area are working hard to be productive and stay competitive domestically and abroad. The need for innovation, collaboration and alignment across functional areas is constant and unrelenting. Technology is changing and everything is moving faster. The quest to find qualified workers and decision makers is ongoing.

Many businesses are left in a state of ongoing change management. Over the past several years no stone has been left unturned: digitizing analog systems and processes; implementing leadership development programs; improving employee benefits; launching new HR systems, CRMs and ERPs; hiring an army of project managers and green belts to coordinate projects and create efficiencies; recurring employee engagement surveys to better understand employee needs and wants.

While progress has been made and much has been accomplished, overall employee engagement remains low and most organizations find themselves fighting every day to stay competitive and fulfill their potential for growth and profitability. And they know the pressure is not going away, with a looming recession and the greatest technological upheaval since the Industrial Revolution on our doorsteps.

We think it is time to go on the offensive.

Corporate Elements provides a complete solution for leaders and organizations that want to take charge of their future and build a thriving, productive and positive culture. Our suite of offerings builds on 20 years of research and work to improve organizational performance and culture domestically and abroad.

We hope to see you at our ribbon-cutting event!

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