Our mission is to help organizations incorporate learning with work and build thriving learning cultures.

Organizations spend billions and countless hours every year on ineffective training. SkildU is here to change that.

In today’s fast-moving business, we all need people who make good decisions, are comfortable with healthy conflict, who are able to work closely with others across departments, have a growth mindset and deliver on important goals.

We are here to make it happen.

We provide action-based learning solutions to help organizations fully incorporate learning with work. This is what a true learning culture looks like. You save time and money while helping yourself and your workforce become more productive, happy and effective.

Our philosophy is simple: working professionals learn by doing, at work. Everyone has the desire to be productive and do a good job, to engage and thrive. Our responsibility is to make it easy, for you and for them.

Through SkildU and SKILD, we provide action-based online programs as well as customized hands-on workshops:

SkildU provides a turnkey online micro-learning suite for leaders and organizations seeking to build a thriving, productive, and positive workplace at a fraction of the cost, time, and administration of traditional training solutions:

  • SKILD learning programs use short (5-12 minutes) and effective microlearning in combination with guided on-the-job application and optional peer-group reinforcement for accountability and quick results. SkildU offers more than 50 learning programs for managers, individual contributors, and sales professionals.
  • SKILD workshops deliver a personalized learning experience to help organizations and people focus on what matters and realize their full potential. We use assessments to build awareness and clarity that will change your life and how you work. We help you explore and learn together with peers and colleagues. And we help you build a practical action-plan for meaningful change for you, your team and business.

With a broad range of action-based workshops, more than 50 learning plans, and 500 meticulously selected courses in our portfolio, we are ready to partner with you in implementing truly effective learning solutions.

Step 1: Contact us for a free course trial or demo.

Step 2: We will conduct a learning needs assessment for your group or organization.

Step 3: We present a proposal that fits your scope, business goals and budget.

Step 4: We provide direct support and guidance to ensure implementation goes well and that you get the desired results.

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