You want learning solutions that work and drive your business. We have simple, effective and affordable learning solutions to incorporate learning with work. Save time, save money and help your workforce become more productive, engaged and effective!

We customize your learning experience to support your organization’s talent management strategy and desired outcomes. We are not a “one and done” vendor; we partner with you and your team and guide you through the assessment, design, implementation and tracking of learning. We know that time is a precious commodity and that you need learning solutions with proven results.

All of our intuitive courses and learning solutions are based on the latest in learning technology and the proven effectiveness of action-based adult learning methodology. We have extensive experience in learning and development, change management and organizational productivity driven by employees’ motivation to grow, improve their skills and do meaningful work. And effective learning has to be quick, simple and effective to the learner. No more time-consuming and boring training with no way to track impact and effectiveness!

Introducing Skild:

  • Learning is customized based on your defined organizational goals and directly linked to your specific projects, groups, competencies and targeted outcomes.
  • Our courses and learning plans are short, affordable, relevant to the job, engaging and selected to result in specific changes in behavior. No more boring e-learning or classroom training!
  • We provide the tools you need to make sure newly acquired skills are immediately applied on the job to support the learning process. We provide job aids and scripts to engage not only the learner but their peers and supervisor.

With more than 500 meticulously selected courses in our portfolio, we are ready to partner with you in implementing truly effective learning solutions:

Step 1: Contact us for a free course trial or demo.

Step 2: We will conduct a learning needs assessment for your group or organization.

Step 3: We present a proposal that fits your scope, business goals and budget.

Step 4: We provide direct support and guidance to ensure implementation goes well and that you get the desired results.

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