Employee Courses

We can help develop the curriculum for your individual contributors!

We have been developing and providing employee development programs for 20 years and know what works. We also know that you need quality content that provides proven return on investment, at a reasonable cost. We have done a lot of research and have the expertise you need to develop a custom learning program, while saving you time and money.

Our courses are based on proven short, interactive, targeted, and mobile compatible. They involve both the learner, their manager and peers in the on-the-job learning process. The courses are exactly what your managers and employees have been looking for. No more boring online learning!

Our course bundles provide learners with a comprehensive learning option. When using a bundle, learners complete a number of courses to more fully develop their skills and capabilities. You can of course use the individual courses without using the full bundles, for a truly customized and effective learning program that fits with your organization’s business goals.

We invite you to browse the course bundles and have added a brief description of each one. Contact us for a quick and free test drive of some of the courses.