Creating Great Work

The work we do matters. Having work that excites and motivates us is important. When we do, we are more engaged, enjoy our work more, and are more productive. All of which makes it interesting and fun to go to work. And while our manager and the organization do impact our work situation, we can make an impact too. There are a number of things we can do on our own to ensure we have work that is challenging and enjoyable.

The Creating Great Work courseware will help you do just that. By helping you understand what work excites you, how to increase the level of challenge at work, as well as creating a great work-life balance, you’ll learn how to take charge of your own work situation and create exciting and rewarding work.

The Creating Great Work course bundle consists of 5 courses for individual contributors. Each course is short, relevant to the learner, targeted and can be immediately applied on the job within your specific environment:

  • What Excites You at Work?
  • Increase the Level of Challenge at Work
  • Analyze Key Experiences for Lessons Learned
  • Work-Life Balance for You
  • The Right Level of Challenge

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