Developing and Coaching Employees

When you are a manager and leader of others, one of your responsibilities is to help coach and develop your employees. It is your job to help your employees build their skills, share what they are doing well and what they can improve, as well as take an active interest in helping each person perform at his or her best.

The Developing and Coaching Employees courseware provides the coaching and development you need, as a manager, to provide great employee feedback, create employee skill development plans, as well as create energizing work for your team. All of which, when done well, increases employee performance, engagement and retention.

The Developing and Coaching Employees course bundle consists of 8 courses for managers. Each course is short, relevant to the learner, targeted and can be immediately applied on the job within your specific environment:

  • Support Your Team for Performance
  • Giving Employee Feedback
  • Building Employee Skills
  • Skill Development Plan
  • Coaching After mistakes
  • Energizing Work
  • Support Employee Development
  • Improve the Feedback You Give Others

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