Onboarding New Employees

When you hire new employees, you want them to be productive and an integrated part of the team as fast as possible; this not only helps the team and organization, but the employee as well. To achieve this goal, there are a number of actions managers can take to help new employees onboard quickly and effectively.

The Onboarding New Employees courseware will equip you to do just. By helping new employees learn their new role, what’s expected of them, get to know their team members, and building required skills, you will help any new hire become an effective and contributing new member of the team successfully and with speed.

The Onboarding New Employees course bundle consists of 18 courses for managers. Each course is short, relevant to the learner, targeted and can be immediately applied on the job within your specific environment:

  • New Hire Expectations of a Manager
  • First Weeks’ Deliverables
  • Team Members Introduce Themselves
  • Great Work Situations for New Hires
  • Learning a New Role
  • We Wish We Had Known
  • Learning from Co-Workers
  • Teams Share with New Hires
  • New Hires Build New Skills
  • Coaching New Hires
  • New Hires Get Coaching From Others
  • Reconnect Employees to Individual Work
  • Feedback for New Hires
  • Exploring Professional Development
  • New Hires Build a Professional Network
  • Feedback from New Hires
  • New Hire Performance Review
  • Work and Challenges in the Future

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