Simple + Effective Learning

How do people learn? We are all different – some of us are auditory learners who learn by hearing and listening, others are tactile learners who learn by touching and doing, or visual learners who learn by reading or seeing pictures. Most of us use a combination of learning styles.

As we get older and enter the workforce, effective learning requires quick and repetitive application of the new knowledge. Call it developing on the job. Call it leveraging the natural way a person develops. Call it experience. Call it the 70% in the 70:20:10 model. 



So, what is 70:20:10? Most L&D professionals will describe this model or framework as:

  • 70% of Learning is Experiential Learning: people learn and develop on the job through day to day tasks, challenges and practice.
  • 20% of Learning is Social Learning: people learn and develop through coaching, mentoring and interaction with peers.
  • 10% of Learning is Formal Learning: people learn and develop through structured events, which includes on-line courses and programs.

This is Intuitive

We grew up with parents, teachers, and coaches saying “practice your spelling words”, “practice taking the shot”, “practice playing the piano” and so on.

The same applies to work. When you think about your expertise and all the things you know how to do, did you learn them in a formal setting such as an instructor led workshop, or an online learning module? Most of us will answer “not much” or “very little” or even “I did not receive any training, I had to learn everything on my own”.

The research shows that by helping employees and leaders develop on the job we leverage the natural way people develop. Organizations have reported up to a 75% reduction in training spend through introduction of the 70:20:10 framework.

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