Proven Learning Solutions

We have partnered with the best vendors of proven and effective learning solutions. We have spent years finding and testing the best learning solutions based on proven research. The ‘secret’ formula? Learning must be closely connected to organizational goals, projects, people and outcomes.

Learning is an ongoing process, not a ‘training event’

You don’t learn to drive by reading a book or watching a movie – learning happens through a virtuous circle of gaining new knowledge and applying new skills in real time, on the job and with the people you work with. And this is where we are at our best, helping organizations develop dynamic cultures and increasing productivity and engagement.

Research shows that effective workplace learning is short, relevant to the learner, targeted and can be immediately applied on the job. Should be simple, right? 

In today’s talent economy, managers and employees understand the need to continuously work towards improving their skills and building new ones. Yet most training is event-driven and transactional, unable to provide effective learning. Moreover, a lot of training does not provide measurable improvement to the bottom line. In short, it is often a waste of time and resources.

Our courses are short, interactive, targeted, and mobile compatible. They involve both the learner, their manager and peers in the on-the-job learning process. The courses are exactly what your managers and employees have been looking for. No more boring online learning!

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We offer more than 500 micro-learning, mobile responsive courses organized in focused bundles and learning tracks. You can use the courses on your own Learning Management System (LMS), or if you don’t have a learning platform we will provide one for you, free of charge.