Relationship Selling

E-Learning Magazine! Award-winning courseware (2018)

Those at the top understand that one must become and remain eligible for what they want. If you want the top people to seek you out, you must be the kind of person they would benefit from seeking out. If you want to be influential, you must continually learn in order to have more to offer.

The Relationship Selling courseware will provide the tools and information you need to build and strengthen the eight competencies of sales leadership required to reach the top 1% in your field and achieve and surpass your sales goals.

The Relationship Selling course bundle consists of 9 courses for sales professionals. Each course is short, relevant to the learner, targeted and can be immediately applied on the job within your specific environment:

  • Introduction to Relationship Selling
  • Prepare to Sell
  • Target the Right Prospects
  • Connect with the Person
  • Assess the Needs
  • Solve the Main Problem
  • Confirm the Sale
  • Assure Satisfaction
  • Manage Sales and Yourself

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